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Why Do Samsara Aftercare?

Samsara Aftercare is specially designed for those who have completed detox (preferably with plant medicine) and are looking to advance their life and ensure their success being addiction free. Detoxing with plant medicine is the most effective addiction detox we have witnessed, helping the person feel in 3 days what would normally take them 3 months to achieve in conventional treatment.

With a seamless transition from detox to an AfterCare program that understands where the guest is at, we are able to exponentially increase the learning and understanding which will empower and embolden the individual. They will recognize that they are not an addict but are in fact, whoever they choose to be and this is the only way they will truly move on.

  • 1 – 12 weeks

  • All-inclusive

  • More affordable than conventional luxury rehab

  • More Effective than any other addiction program

  • Make your Detox and REcovery up to 300% more effective with Aftercare

Your Experience

Our goal is to educate each of our students about the tools and therapies that will make their lives feel more complete and full. What we teach and the various therapies we work with can be found almost everywhere so that when they leave Samsara they can seamlessly continue their care on their own at home.

We utilize a variety of alternative therapies to heal the physical, mental, and spiritual issues surrounding addiction. We have a strong understanding of addiction outside of the rigid western model and understand that in order to heal addiction we must help heal the person internally thus allowing them to find connection and purpose.

Team Of Healers


The Samsara Integration team is centered around two guiding principles, compassion and empathy. We have an assortment of therapists, counselors, and alternative healers that work to help the individual reconnect with their inner child and find fulfillment and self­ love again in their everyday life. 

All of our permanent staff have experience with the medicines and a number of them have even been through addiction and have been successful for a number of years utilizing the same principles and practices we teach at Samsara Aftercare. Ultimately, we all are healers because only we can truly heal ourselves, we have learned that and are working so each of our students realizes the same thing.



Having been to 9 traditional western treatment centres which include wilderness therapy, therapeutic boarding schools, rehab, and sober living houses, crossroads treatment centre and the samsara aftercare program are the only programs I'd recommend to anyone struggling with addiction or any other mental ailment. The staff really cater to your every need, and provide a safe, positive, relaxing environment where true growth can really happen. I have had the most profound experience here and for once in my life feel inner peace and a hope that makes me believe I can live a beautiful happy life.

5 Stars - Connor G.

It is very difficult for me to put this incredibly life changing experience into words, however, I will try... Samsara saved my life. Let me begin by saying that one of the most beautiful things about this whole experience (4 weeks in length), was that the staff at Samsara treated me like a human being, and a valuable one at that. They listened with respectful and loving ears to my needs, wants, aches, pains, complaints, etc. And not only did they listen but they did everything in their power to make me feel better. People who are going through addiction and addiction treatment can be used to getting looked down at and not feeling valued as a human being; Samsara changes all of that.

5 Stars - Erin B.

Came to Samsara Aftercare for four weeks following my initial week of treatment at Crossroads Treatment Center and I couldn't be more pleased. The time spent here was the perfect way to get my feet underneath me and solidify the treatment that Crossroads provided. The staff was absolutely wonderful and treated myself and the other guest like family with the utmost care and compassion. I entered this journey lost and very unsure of myself but because of the time i spent as Samara I am now the happiest I've been in my entire life, full of love, hope, and peace with myself and peace with the world around me. Samsara and the staff there changed my lfe and I will be forever grateful!

5 Stars - Brian M.


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Samsara is located in the beautiful hills of north San Diego, ideal for outdoor activities, a great health and wellness community, and amazing weather. We usually pick up guests at the San Diego airport and bring them to our Integration home but driving is also an option. 

We will be happy to discuss our program and why we put an emphasis on doing Ibogaine first, just give us a call.